Trade Hub

Monaco Trade Hub is a trade activity & confirmation platform, that consolidates all executions across Fixed Income, Futures, and Derivatives and routes the trades to appropriate destinations for confirmation/affirmation purposes. The platform is Dodd-Frank compliant and can seamlessly determine the workflow for voice, electronic, cleared and bi-lateral flows. Monaco Trade Hub also provides reconciliation for futures with prime brokers along with tools to track a break to closure. Monaco Trade Hub has a rich MIS feature to see aging & confirmation metrics across regions, PMs, asset classes over a date range.

Monaco Trade Hub

Monaco Trade Hub provides users with a single platform to view trades, positions, and workflow across derivatives products.

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  • Customizable workflow for different user groups
  • Connected to multiple venues for confirmations
  • Report Monitors by asset class or cross-product
  • MIS for intra-day and bulk reports
  • Trade History & Audit Trail
  • Outbound Message Customizations

    Product Coverage out of the box:

  • Credit Default Swaps (Single Named CDS, Index CDS, ABX / ABCDS)
  • Interest Rate Swaps (Vanilla IRS, OIS, Fed Funds ,BASIS Swap, FRA, Cross-CCY Swap, Swaptions)
  • Bonds (US Government, European Government, Corporate Bonds)
  • Futures (IRS, Commodities, FX)

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Increase operational efficiency, eliminate manual errors

Trades are sent to T+0 venues in real-time avoiding the need to key in trades on Affirmation platforms. Blotters allow Middle Office/Operations to monitor the status of trades in real-time across multiple products.

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Reduce Affirmation / Confirmation time for IRS, CDS, Bonds

Monaco Trade Hub sends trades in real-time to venues by product/region. Status flows back into the blotters offering one view.

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Consolidate and track futures matching; Centralize MIS

Reconciliation data from FCM is matched with internal firm data to provide research tools to track pending trade breaks. User research is persisted and managed across runs on the consolidated blotter. Future Give Up / Aged Recon breaks are the commonly used MIS.

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Simplify trade reporting for Dodd-Frank compliance

Monaco Trade Hub provides support across all products for clearing and Dodd Frank Act (DFA) mandate in a product agnostic way. Monaco Trade Hub pushes out the trade reporting data to affirmation and clearing flows, captures the alleged trades, statuses and other DFA fields flowing back from the venues to provide a consistent view across products to the end user.

Client Requirements

  • Support for multi-asset trade aggregation

  • Connectivity to Middleware Platforms

  • Customizable workflow for different user groups

  • Report monitors by asset class or cross-product

  • MIS for intra-day and bulk reports

  • Trade History & Audit Trail

Monaco Trade Hub Benefits

  • Full connectivity with Middleware systems

  • Hub for Post Trade connectivity reduces complexity and cost

  • Unified trade affirmation/confirmation view across Credit, Rates, Futures, Bonds

  • Exception tracking GUI with Middle Office functionality

  • Rich MIS tool-kit to evaluate volumes and operational productivity

  • Derivatives model enriches trades with necessary elements for regulatory mandate

  • Integration with Vendor and In-House systems for Positions: Software will follow all client technical standards and run on client infrastructure

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