Post Trade Connectivity

  • Monaco provides calculators for fees, commissions, etc. to enrich the trade data

  • Monaco provides a consistent workflow across multiple products and reporting venues

  • Monaco supports integration with external risk/analytics services to enrich the trade data

  • Monaco maintains a history of trade actions (events) from inception through all novations and terminations

  • Monaco provides trade data required for bilateral and cleared reporting/confirmations.

  • Monaco processes trades from in-house and vendor platforms across voice and electronic executions for bilateral and cleared trades

  • Monaco generates MIS to track reporting timeliness and volumes

Enterprise Risk

Risk Analysis & Workflow

  • Interpret CCAR requirements for development teams
  • Analyze trade exposure and data streams from Front Office sources
  • Normalize information and formulate streamlined workflow

CCAR Re-Engineering

  • Re-engineer key components of existing infrastructure
  • Implement quantitative and qualitative process enhancements
  • Expedite planned development

Balance Sheet Automation

  • Liaise with business, quantitative modeling groups, analytics & risk technology teams to develop balance sheet forecasting engine using econometric models
  • Manage manual adjustments functionality design and development process by capturing business and functional requirements
  • Develop Finance & Risk reports for regulatory reporting, risk management and operations


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