Monaco is a component based software platform that provides post trade automations for cash and derivative products. Monaco is designed for Front Office (Sales, Trading, Portfolio Managers); Middle Office; Compliance and Operations. The component based approach allows for out of the box and custom deployments in the areas of Pre + Post Trade Compliance, Trade Capture, Trade Management, Exception Management Workflow, and can be customized to fit any environment. The Build and Buy solution is the best of both worlds providing out of the box cost effective solutions for our clients.

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Monaco is a cross-asset trade management system. It allows users acess to a single technology platform across products.

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  • Multi-Asset Quick Ticketing for Voice Executed Trades
  • Sales / Trader matching
  • Pre + Post Trade Compliance
  • MarkitWire Broker Affirmation
  • STP of electronic executions on ECNs/SEFs
  • Integrated compliance checks
  • Customizable Trade, Activity and Event Blotters
  • Derivative Event Capture (Unwinds, Step-Ins, Step-Outs)
  • Native and External Calculators (Upfront Fee, Brokerage, Commissions, Margins)
  • Integration with Risk, MTM, Fee, Net Money APIs
  • Productivity Tools (Recaps, CRM, Hit/Miss)
  • Real Time MIS (Activity, Revenue, Trader, Sales Person)
  • Support for Margin on Uncleared Swaps

  • Configurable Front and Middle Office Workflows
  • Logic for Back to Back/Wash Trades
  • Front to Back Trade Monitoring & Exception Management
  • Support for Bulk Processing
  • Trader Approval Workflow
  • Trade Capture for Allocations
  • Exception Management
  • Post Trade Compliance Monitoring
  • Integration with Affirmation & Allocation Venues
  • Configurable user roles and responsibilities

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Execute trades in quick ticket format

Monaco provides specialized tickets for Trading and Sales that facilitate quick capture of trades. Trading and Sales can enter vanilla products in the top line of a quick ticket and Monaco will default the rest. Trading and Sales can expand to provide more detail if needed. Customizable rule-based configuration allows for client-specific customizations of economic or non-economic data needed for downstream processing.

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Capture cash trades and all derivative activity
(inception, unwinds, step-ins, step-outs)

Monaco uses a powerful event based model to accurately capture true business activity. This model unifies cash and derivative transactions as well as providing an accurate view of activity. All derivative lifecycle events, from inception through post-trade events have a consistent representation. Each type of event has specialized tickets and workflow. The activity blotter and our activity reports show the true activity across asset classes and all types of events. This is critical for reporting, confirmations, and client services.

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Customize views on all trade blotters

Users can customize the definition of blotter by defining a query from scratch or they can extend an existing blotter. Users can also customize the columns or the format, as well as formats based on a formula, such as in Excel.

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Customizable workflow

Monaco has a flexible workflow across Trading, Sales, and Middle Office. We support a dual-entry matching model as well as an approval model. Middle Office workflow is designed to be exception based, so trades will get acted upon when a system rule is triggered. When there is connectivity, the workflow with also include the Client.


Easy to retrieve audit-trail of all decisions and inputs


Seamlessly integrated in the Trading, Operations, and Compliance infrastructure


Simple go/no-go decision system driven by Regulatory Mandate


Affordable pricing options available

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