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Lindsay Fenwick



Hello! I am a digital marketing specialist and interactive front-end developer from northern New Jersey. I love maple coffee, antiques, geometric minerals, photography, and podcasts.


Bachelor of Arts(B.A.)

from The College of New Jersey

in Interactive Multimedia

Magna Cum Laude

3.9 In-Major GPA

Minors in Marketing and Gender Studies


Working at Konica Minolta

2016 - Current

Digital Marketing, IBM CMS, HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Testing

I am a digital marketing specialist who works on web projects from concept to go-live. I build pages within IBM CMS, troubleshoot minor issues, create layout mock-ups and follow them to develop variants of Presentation Themes, and edit content from updating product information to incorporating accessibility standards.

Kinetix Website


UX Design, Mobile, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Icon Development

For this project I designed and coded a website for Kinetix Trading Solutions, with a scaling mobile version. It showcases a client-focused development process, several icons which mimic the style of existing company iconography, as well as design techniques including a paralax effect.


Visual Haikus

2015 - 2016

API Creation, MySQL, PHP, Ionic Framework, Mobile App, GIT, UX Design, JSON

This project was built to be a platform for visual artists to inspire writers to create short warm-up works, and create collaborative art along the way. The educational goals I set for it included building a RESTful PHP API, database, and practical user interface for an Ionic Framework app.


Convey Chat

2015 - 2016

SHA1-secured Account Creation, Automatic Email Generation, Session IDs, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, paralax effect

The Convey Chat project includes an account creation process using a secure hash algorithm, has sign-in checks for username / password availability or state of use, automatically emails the user upon signup, leads to posting software with session IDs where users can post and delete their own posts, and utilizes MySQL database joins.




Wordpress Child Theme Development, Google API, HTML, CSS

This project was an opportunity to update and expand upon an existing website. It was an excersie in Wordpress child-theme creation, and solving minor display and text issues, in a client-focused short internship.


Chess Factory

Fall 2013 & Fall 2015

Processing, Javascript, HTML

In 2013 I developed the logic and art assets for a game inspired by an online mini-game. My latest project with it was to share information between a processing sketch game and a web page, which expands the page's possible capabilities to allow for a sign-in system or public scoreboard to be integrated.


Moon Calendar

2015 - 2016

API Integration, Javascript, Mobile, HTML, CSS

This calendar of moon phases is powered by the US Navy's API, and was my first webpage with a mobile view. The project goal was to implement an API in a visually seamless manner.


Color Trivia


PHP, JQuery, Javascript, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS

A trivia quiz which transfers data between pages, utilizes inputs creatively, and of course, calculates and displays quiz results dynamically, with tounge-in-cheek success or failure messages per question. I also took this project as an opportunity to learn about blured picture backgrounds and CSS animations.


Voting Page


MySQL, PHP, JQuery, Dynamically Updated Chart, HTML

An online poll which stores results to a database, notifies the responder of voting success or failure, and utilizes an instantly updated chart graphic.


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